I'm one of the founders and developers of Trivia.Town, and this blog is about the process of developing a mobile trivia game.

Since I'm a software developer, you might expect me to drone on about game features, coding, framework choices and architectural decisions... and you would not be wrong. However, I'll also be writing about game design, graphic design, business decisions, monetization strategies, marketing and pretty much anything else that goes into creating an indie game.

Write all the things!
Yes, I'm gonna use memes - it's all the rage with them young people

We've been working on this project for about 6 months already, so some posts will look back at some early decisions we made and be fraught with hindsight bias, while others will revolve around our more current work.

We are a tiny company with a tiny budget, hoping to make an internationally successful mobile game. We are an insignificant drop in the ocean of naive hopeful game developers trying to make it big with their baby. But that's okay, since most of the work any one person does, is already being done by someone else somewhere, and probably better. We are motivated by this challenge, and motivated by the thought of creating a successful business, making a great game, and making our own way in life. Also money.

Rolling on money
I'm not saying we want to swim in money - well maybe just enough for a hottub

Why this blog? Why is one of our two developers taking time to write slightly-coherent blog posts, instead of making the actual game? To be completely honest with you, this blog doubles as a poor mans marketing tool, since we cant afford huge marketing campaigns. We want to be seen and talked about, and this is one way of doing that. Hopefully it is also actually interesting to read. It might provide an interesting insight into actually making a commercial game. Maybe other hopeful developers can read this and learn something, or learn how not to do something. We'll see how it turns out together.